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We, at Leher, ensure that no flicked cigarette goes unnoticed. We provide our subscribers with specially designed containers to store and stock the smoked butts. Travelling? We’ve got you covered. We have our odourless butt wallets that will save you while on the go. All of this comes intact, in a user-friendly package, along with direct collection right at the door-step, ensuring the customer a hassle-free experience.
Could playing a part in saving the world be anymore easier?

 Container and butt wallet for direct collection of smoked cigarette butts

Once A Month

Rs. 300

Twice A Month
Rs. 375

Every Week

Rs. 475

Set Frequency of Pick-Up

Having doubts? Watch a video to understand the process or call us at +91 90341 24077 and we'll help you choose the best plan for you.

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