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Designed by skilled potters of Uttam Nagar, the aesthetic terracotta hexagon planter is perfect for your garden, balcony, front porch and even inside your home. The potters use the best furnacing equipments to make the hexagon shaped planter using cleansed cigarette butts, thus making it durable, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. This signature item of ours will definitely be the most elegant home decor item that you will have.

Hexagon Planter

SKU: PL003
    • Material- Terracotta, clay and cleansed cigarette butt waste
    • Colour- Brown
    • Shape- Hexagon
    • Style- Modern, Suitable for any type of soil with large drain holes
    • You can customize your product! Add the customization details at the time of checkout or send us the details on WhatsApp.


  • Recycled 16 cigarette butts and prevented them from reaching the oceans, thus saving 8000 litres of ocean water!

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