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Use Case of Payment Gateway

Our project aims to reduce the damage caused by flicking cigarette butts casually, and increasing awareness about the same. We realized the gravity of the current situation, and the idea to bring about a change manifested into Leher. Simply put, we collect cigarette butts from various sources, clean and process it, and make beautiful products out of it. We just want our streets and oceans devoid of cigarette butts, and create something elegant out of it. It’s a subscription based model wherein we provide our subscribers with a kit to collect and store their cigarette waste, and we then collect the waste from their doorstep on a regular basis.The butt waste is then recycled to make various utility products. The payment gateway would be used for enabling environmentally conscious people to buy our subscription. We have three subscription plans right now , the price of which varies according to the location where our subscriber is based in. 

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